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Dental practice loans: What options does my practice have?
October 21, 2017 Dental practice loans: What options does my practice have? Owning and operating a dental practice is a very challenging job. Most people don’t know this, but theirs is extremely high overhead associated with running a dental practice. According to most dental practitioners run at about a 25% margin, not including salary. Now with an average salary of 250k on a million dollar practice, it seems like [...]
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Underwriting 101: How to Get A Business Loan with Bad Credit
September 8, 2017 By Excel Capital Management President, Nathan Abadi Nowadays, your credit score is more important than ever. Whether you’re looking to open a credit card, rent an apartment, purchase a new home, or lease a car, your personal credit score is typically the deciding factor. Unfortunately, the same is true when it comes to applying for a business loan. Unless it’s a major bank, most lenders care more about [...]
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Home Based Business Loans
June 22, 2017 Getting the funding you need for your business can be challenging. This can be especially true for a home based business.In addition to the tedious process of starting a home-based business, applying for licenses, filing taxes and much, much more, acquiring capital to start, grow, or expand the company is a process all in itself. Many small companies usually start as home-based businesses. It is at this stage where [...]
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Construction Business Loans: How to Get the Funding Your Construction Business Needs
June 20, 2017 As a contractor, you know that obtaining construction business loans when you need it motheir local bank. Soon to find out that with out pledging collateral banks will more often not decline a construction business loan.  However,  in the event that collateral and stellar business credit are present the application and approval process for a construction business loan can be very long and tedious. With underwriting times often taking as [...]
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Motel Financing: How to Obtain the Working Capital You Need
June 13, 2017 Owning and operating a motel business is no easy task whether you have one location or are in charge of a franchise. Keeping up with trends and the constant competition among other motel and hotel chains can be quite difficult at times, and some additional working capital may be needed to keep up. When it comes to applying for financing help, many motel owners have a tough time going the [...]
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Need Some Cash? These Fast and Flexible Business Capital Solutions Could Be the Answer!
June 8, 2017 Whether you need to order new inventory, make equipment repairs or purchases, hire additional staff, or almost anything else pertaining to your business, having access to the funds you need can be a lifesaver. All small business owners run into issues over their business’ lifetime in which additional working capital is always useful.Two highly popular business capital funding solutions Below is some information about Merchant Cash Advances and a [...]
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Unsecured Business Loans: How They Can Put Your Company On The Road to Success
May 24, 2017 These days, most business owners understand the difficulties in applying for traditional business funding. The application process is long, tedious, and majority of merchants get hit with a big fat decline - for a number of reasons. Just take a look at our recent blog, “3 Reasons Why Business Loan Applications Get Declined By Traditional Lenders and Alternative Financing Solutions” for more on that. The good news is that times are [...]
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Hard Money Business Loans and How One Can Benefit Your Business
May 24, 2017 If you’re a small business owner, you most certainly are aware of the many reasons why you, or any other entrepreneur for that matter, might need a small business loan. The reasons could range from office renovation, purchasing new inventory, up-dating computers or other equipment, or paying unforeseen taxes and other obligations. Or, maybe business has been so good for you that you found yourself shorthanded and need to [...]
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How to Get a Small Business Loan with Poor Credit
May 9, 2017 Having poor credit is an issue we all may run into over time, but when you have poor business credit on top of that, acquiring a small business loan through a traditional lender can be quite difficult. Just take a look at our recent blog post, “3 Reasons Why Business Loan Applications Get Declined By Traditional Lenders” to learn why. So, you want to know how to get a small [...]
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Which Way to Go?: Traditional vs. Alternative Funding for Small Businesses
May 4, 2017 There comes a time for every small business owner where they have to think about the following question: How do I expand my business? You may want to hire more staff to man your growing business, purchase new inventory, renovate offices, or make ends meet. You may even be seeking funds to help with payroll or staying current on your debt payments. Before you fill out any loan application, you [...]
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