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Nathan Abadi

First entered the Financial sector as a 19 year old, trying to earn some money for college as a Stockbroker trainee/Clerk. He was mesmerized by all of the Financial activity and fortunes gained and lost taking place in front of him every day. He quickly realized he had found his calling.

He was finishing his collegiate career at Baruch when he was recruited into an up and coming Hedge Fund at the age of 22. He started as a Trainee and became Manager after only 2 years. It did not take long for the Hedge Fund to be negatively impacted by the Economy and Nathan realized he had to find a way to not only make money, but use the economic climate to his favor. That led to his starting American Allied Funding, a Merchant Cash Advance provider at the age of 26. He wanted to be able to serve Main Street, not just Wall St. and this was the perfect way to do it.

American Allied’s success brought him a lot of attention which led to him starting a Funding division for one of the largest Merchant Processing providers in the entire Northeast. By the age of 28, Nathan had accomplished more, in less than a decade, than most of his peers do over the course of an entire career.

Despite his success, Nathan was not yet satisfied. He wanted to be able to provide the perfect solution for every business and was restricted by his company’s policies. He started Excel Capital Management in 2013 with the vision of funding and partnering with all of the top Funding Institutions in the Alternative Lending Industry. This would enable him to provide ALL Small Business Owners the benefits of Business Finance, without anyone being left out. He brought in some like-minded experts to help him in his mission to become one of the top, most client-centric Brokerages in the Alternative Lending industry! In only 2 years Excel Capital Management has exceeded projections and funded over $30,000,000 to Merchants all over the US, one small business at a time.

Maria Khatiashvili

As executive vice president and COO (Chief Operating Officer) at Excel Capital Management, Maria Khatiashvili is responsible for the global operations of the company. Despite being in her early 20s, she has managed to use her experience and leadership to focus on developing and delivering technology-driven business services and solutions, providing outstanding client service, and driving profitable revenue growth year after year.

Her ability to set comprehensive goals for every employee at the company has resulted in outstanding performance and growth throughout the whole team. She single-handedly established policies that have promoted company culture and vision.

Maria is also responsible for overseeing daily operations of the company and the work of executives to make sure everything is in line with the company goals. She has lead employees with personal bonuses and incentives to encourage maximum performance and dedication. She is also responsible for evaluating performance by analyzing and interpreting data and metrics each month to ensure the month over month growth. Since joining Excel Capital, Maria has established numerous partnership deals for the company and continues to develop and maintain them to this day.


Jordan Lindenbaum 

Since joining Excel Capital Management in late 2013 as Director of Sales, Jordan Lindenbaum has grown the internal Sales force and expanded Strategic Partnerships with outside agents. He helped implement the “SPIN” style of solution based selling into the firm, while playing a role in increasing funded deals by over 85% within one year. 

Jordan’s background was in Telecommunications, Publishing and Executive Recruiting before entering the Alternative Lending industry. His audience has always been Small-Medium businesses and understood their needs and wants. He had noticed for some time how underserved they have been by larger Banks. When he discovered Merchant Cash Advance in an article he felt it was the perfect opportunity to fill a great and still under publicized need. When he first entered the industry he noticed they were still employing outdated methods and joined Excel Capital Management because of the shared vision of a client centric holistic approach to short term Lending.

When he is not chasing down working capital for Entrepreneurs all over the US, he enjoys Reading, Football, Film, Short Fiction writing, Cooking  and spending time with his daughter.

Chad Otar

As a cancer survivor at a young age, Chad Otar was determined to make a career out of helping people. While pursuing his post-graduate degree he discovered Merchant Cash Advance. He entered the industry 4 years ago as an Independent Sales Agent and has since moved on to Account Executive and more recently, co-Founder and Vice President of Sales at Excel Capital Management.

In a relatively short time span Chad Otar has expanded the internal sales force from himself to eight and turned an occasional referral to a strong network of Independent Outside Sales Agents and Referral Partners ranging from CPA’s to Vice Presidents of large banks. Chad has witnessed the MCA/Alternative Lending world blossom and prosper from a little known facet of Finance to a multibillion dollar industry. He has been highly instrumental in implementation of Sandler and SPIN Selling training, preferring a client-centric sales methodology where Excel’s Sales Agents act as trusted Financial Advisors to Small Business Owners all over the US. He is very active and well respected in the Alternative Lending industry due to his credibility, experience and knowledge. Chad still works a full desk, and when he is not securing capital for his clients he enjoys traveling and scuba diving. He is a trivia enthusiast and has published several works of poetry. He lives to spend time with friends and family and is very active in his community.