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Emergency Business Loans –  Emergencies Don’t wait. Your Business Shouldn’t Either

As a business owner, you know that putting out fires and finding solutions is a part of the job requirements of a business owner. When the unexpected happens emergency business loans are available to help bridge the gap.

Whether large or small, emergencies happen, and when they do a quick injection of working capital with emergency business funding may be exactly what you need to avoid catastrophe and keep things running smoothly.

With the evolution of fintech and alternative lending, business owners can avoid the lengthy approval process associated with traditional banking and resolve unexpected business emergencies within as little as 24 hours.

Having funded over 1,000 clients, we’ve encountered our fair share of emergency scenarios where the business owner required a business loan fast due to an unforeseen circumstance.

How to improve your chances of being approved for an emergency business loan and get same day business loans.

While the application and funding process for alternative lending and emergency business finance is lightning fast compared to traditional loans, the process is a bit different and the speed at which that process moves is still partly in your control.

The more carefully you think ahead about your own situation and how that will affect the application process, the faster you can gain an approval and the sooner the funds will land in your account to handle that emergency.

With that in mind, here are a few things in mind before completing the application process:

  • Get your things together: Have both four months of your most recent bank statements and four months of business credit card processing statements (if your business accepts credit cards) ready before applying.
  • Bankruptcies, Negative cash flow, and poor loan payment history are the primary red flags that alternative lenders look for: While they won’t outright deny your application they will require a stronger showing in other areas to counterbalance.
  • Annual revenue, debt obligation, cash flow, and profitability are primary factors for approval (have extra paperwork ready):  For emergency funding for small business requests over $150,000.00 It’s best to gather additional paperwork such as your last filed tax return and year to date profit and loss statement and balance sheet in advance as that may be required as well.
  • Minimum time in business: Most alternative lenders require a minimum business age of 6 months to 2 years depending on the lender, the loan type and the strength of your revenue.
  • Minimum annual revenue: Most emergency business loans require a minimum annual revenue, typically about $100,000 for an unsecured business loan in particular.

The application process for most alternative lenders is quick, simple, and straightforward.

However, it’s important to have your things in order beforehand to not just increase your chances of being approved but also to speed up the approval process so that you can receive the funds in as little time as possible.

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What makes alternative lenders different when it comes to emergency business loans

Working capital acquired through a traditional lending channel can be a long and tiresome process.

Traditional lenders have strict rules and guidelines, and usually, analyze all of your business history in order to make a decision.

What makes obtaining emergency business lines of credit and loans through an alternative finance solution provider, such as Excel Capital Management, different?

For starters, lenders that provide emergency business loans typically take everything that makes up your business into play when presenting an approval and offer.

These factors include your cash flow, business credit score, character, personal credit score, length of ownership, revenue, and for large funding rounds (over $100k) they can request tax returns and financial statements.

While this sounds serious, it is actually beneficial. If you’re lacking in one area, often times, the others will make up for it. Not being 100% up to par shouldn’t mean an immediate decline.

In addition, the paperwork requirements are simple.

Generally, for an emergency small business loan, an alternative lender only needs four months of recent business bank statements, four months of recent business credit card process statements (both of which we discussed earlier), and a simple application.

Additional documentation may be requested if needed, but typically an approval and an emergency business cash out can occur in as little as one to three business days!

Getting funded shouldn’t be a lengthy, tedious process. Time is money and you need to get your business back on track after all.

Why not go to the bank?

Most traditional lenders can take weeks or even months to get you approved for funding so an emergency small business loan is out of the question.

In addition to this, the application process is heavy on confusing paperwork and tiresome back-and-forth communications.

However, with our unsecured business loans and lines of credit programs, we can have your business approved for emergency business funding in as little as 10 minutes in other words same day business loans for you.

As leaders in the alternative lending market, Emergency business loans with bad credit are not a problem, we have the ability to expedite your funding process and get the business capital you need to take care of that emergency right on time.

When looking for funding you need to consider how the business funding will help and is the cost worth it. When faced with a business emergency, ensuring a fast turn around time to resolve the need is more important than saving a few points on the cost.

Think about a typical emergency you might face– not being able to meet payroll because a client payment was delayed, for example– and how that might affect your entire business in the long run.

Emergency business loans can give your business the emergency business funding it needs to cover payroll and avoid losing key players on your team due to a simple cash flow disruption.

If your business has fallen on tough times and you need access to additional capital quickly, emergency business finance could be just the answer to put your business back on track for success!

If you’re in need of emergency business loans, apply now to find out how much your business qualifies for to get an emergency business funding the same day.

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What can I use emergency business finance for?

Below are several such real-life scenarios that we’ve encountered where business owners needed a fast small business loan in an emergency and we were there to help:

A trucking company needing a loan due to a semi-trailer breaking down

Without a quick business loan, a trucking company in Florida with a broken down semi-trailer would have had a severe cash flow crunch if they didn’t get the truck back on the road the next day.

Fortunately, we were able to provide them with a short-term loan for $55,000 to repair the big rig and get back on the road.

A general contractor came to Excel in need of funding to pay for materials to complete a house remodeling

Because most general contractors don’t get paid until a job is completed, they often have to pay for building materials for a job out of pocket. This can place a huge burden on cash flow.

We provided this particular contractor with an urgent business loan for $75,000, providing him with the capital to purchase the materials they needed for the current job, as well as additional capital leftover to catch up on other bills and expenses.

An accounting firm lost its main administrator three weeks before tax time

Due to tax season, most accounting firms make the majority of their revenue between January and April 15th of a particular year.

Due to the industry’s seasonality, the firm had a revenue slow-down while at the same time trying to prepare to provide their services to clients for the upcoming busy season, most notably hiring and training new employees. This all occurred at the same time they received their main administrator’s notice.

We helped them receive an unsecured line of credit in just 48 hours to assist with the hiring emergency.

An Insurance agency needed funding to pay for a tax lien.

A Nevada insurance agency needed an insurance agency loan to pay for a $25,000.00 tax lien that was getting close to turning into a garnishment that would freeze all of the assets of the business. This tax lien cause the business owner to suffer from bad credit and unfundable by traditional standards. Excel was able to deliver emergency business loans with bad credit not being a factor.

We were able to get them a $35,000.00 unsecured business loan in 24 hours. This allowed them to pay the IRS and avoid penalties and interest and avoid a cash flow crunch that could have more severe residual impacts on operations.

An auto repair shop’s car lift broke down leaving them with a need of $10,000 to buy and install a new one

Without the lift operating in the shop, mechanics at a Houston repair shop were on pace to lose up to $2,000 per day.

We were able to provide them with a split funding solution for $11,500 within just 24 hours of applying. The lift was installed the same week and business went right back to normal.

>Michelle Smith, owner of a popular Georgia convenience store encountered a financial hardship due to a severe thunderstorm.

Unfortunately, high winds and rain caused bad structural damage to her store. As a result, Michelle had to put all of her existing business capital into repairs and maintenance, thus, resulting in late payments on bills and a lack of inventory purchases.

Not having such a pretty appearance due to the construction, as well as understocked shelves, meant fewer customers, and ultimately less revenue.

After doing some research online, Michelle contacted us to apply for an emergency business loan. We were able to approve her quickly and she got the $75,000 she needed to fix up her shop and restock just three days after initially applying.

Complete our online application and discover how much you can be approved for: Apply Now

Ever had something unexpected happen that affected your day-to-day business operations and, as a result, your very cash flow? Thats when an Emergency Business loan can come to the rescue!

If you have, then you know how catastrophic something like that can be for a small business– and how quickly everything can change.

The average small business owner lives and dies by their business’ daily sales and fulfilling orders, whether that’s a bakery, trucking company, or a clothing retailer.

Anything that threatens to interrupt that, even for a short period of time, can cause measurable damage to a business’ bottom line.

There’s where an emergency business cash can come in handy.

When equipment breaks or supply is damaged, without the cash flow on-hand, an emergency business loan can provide you with the capital you need to purchase new equipment or make that rush supply order to keep things running smoothly– avoiding problems with customers and maintaining cash flow.

We’ve helped countless small business owners in exactly this type of situation– often getting those funds to them in less than 48 hours.

Here are a few of their stories:

1. Getting an emergency business loan for equipment repairs in Boston

If your business depends on making things using a particular type of equipment, when that equipment breaks it’s a code red emergency.

Until that equipment is fixed all business operations halt.

That’s what happened to a manufacturer in Boston, who contacted us because of an equipment malfunction that needed emergency repairs.

We got them $150,000 in less than 24 hours and helped them keep their operations running smoothly.

2. Keeping the doors open in New Mexico

What is a car dealership without any cars? Out of business, that’s what.

When a used car sales dealership in New Mexico contacted us about being maxed out on the payments to their floor plan, we got them an emergency business loan for their car dealership for the $100,000 they needed so the inventory wouldn’t be seized, allowing them to keep the doors open.

3. Emergency business financing to Catching up on rent in Long Island

For a brick and mortar business, there are few things as stressful as being behind on rent.

That’s why when a clothing retailer in Long Island, New Jersey was dangerously past due we got them the $25,000 they needed to catch up and get them out of their slow season.

4. Paying past-due bills with suppliers in Miami

Getting behind with suppliers is a dangerous catch-22.

You need supply to produce more product to sell, but what do you do when you’re so behind on payments to suppliers that they’ll no longer ship you to make that product in the first place?

When a Miami restaurant contacted us about being delinquent with suppliers, we got them approved for a restaurant business loan and they got the $15,000 line of credit they needed to cover their past-due bills and better manage payments to suppliers moving forward.

5. Making ends meet in Portland

Industries like construction can be rough, especially when payment is delayed on a job you already completed, keep you from being able to purchase supplies for the next job.

That’s exactly what happened to a Portland contractor who needed a construction business loan for $40,000 to cover construction materials for a new job while payment was delayed for a previous one. We got them the funds they needed to keep things going between jobs.

6. Paying a tax lien in Chicago

A tax lien is one of the most pervasive forms of debt, with the IRS having the authority to garnish your wages and even put a levy on your assets.

When a Chicago doctor got in touch with us about a $150,00 tax lien that was about to turn into a levy/garnishment we got him the funds he needed to pay Uncle Sam and be done with it for good.

7. Preparing for a busy season in North Carolina

Highly seasonal businesses have to take extra care during slow seasons to maintain the cash flow to stay current on bills in addition to planning in advance with ample product and personnel when the busy season hits.

Landscaping is slow in the Carolinas between the months of November and February, so when a landscaper in North Carolina

 requested $50,000 to help with the upcoming busy season, we got them the funds they needed to keep their business running smoothly.

8. Emergency business funding for a truck repair in Texas

A trucking company without functioning trucks is dead in the water.

That’s why when a Texas-based trucking company applied with us we got them the $40,000 they needed for emergency truck repairs to keep their trucks on the road.

9. Emergency moving expenses in California

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with an insurance incident you know how much of a pain insurers make it to get your payout.

For as much work as they do to get your money they make it very difficult to get you your money when it’s time to collect in the event of a claim.

That’s what one IT company in California experienced when their facility burned down in a fire– and all their product with it.

They were told it would take at least 60 days to get their payout, which was far too long if they hoped to keep the business running between then


We got them the $100,000 they needed for emergency moving expenses– in just 48 hours.

10. Taking care of new hires in Indiana

New hires tend to be inconvenient for several reasons. As much as you might dream of finding that perfect person who is ready to go from day 1, it just doesn’t happen.

New hires require training and it often takes time before that new hire can match what the previous employee was doing. All of these things mean a new hire can cost quite a bit.

However, forgoing that new hire and making preexisting employees pick up the slack can cost you far more money over the long run, so the alternative is rarely preferable.

That’s why when an Indiana-based marketing company contacted us after their senior designer quit unexpectedly, we got them the $15,000 they needed to hire and train a new graphic designer.

How a CRM Can Benefit Your Business: Exclusive Interview with ConvergeHub Founder/CSO, Manash Chaudhuri

How a CRM Can Benefit Your Business Exclusive Interview with ConvergeHub FounderCSO Manash Chaudhuri | Excel Capital Management

Using a great customer relationship management (CRM) is extremely beneficial when it comes to running your small business. Not only does this type of software help to analyze customer interactions and data, it is also a great tool for marketing, inter-office communication, and overall company improvement. Excel Capital Management sat down with ConvergeHub’s Founder/CSO, Manash Chaudhuri to discuss their software and the benefits of using a CRM. Check out our exclusive interview below!

Excel Capital Mamagement: For business owners who may not be familiar, what exactly is a CRM?

Manash Chaudhuri: CRM is an acronym that stands for Customer Relationship Management, a technology, practice, or strategy designed to help businesses to perk up their interactions and relationships with potential and present customers. A CRM system also helps organizations to streamline business processes, stay connected to customers, and improve profitability. In general, when people talk about CRM, they usually refer to software, a tool that helps with contact management, sales and support management and more. A  CRM system helps us to focus our organization’s relationships with individual peoples, which includes customers, colleagues, service users, or suppliers. It also helps in finding new customers, winning their businesses, provide customer support and other additional services throughout the relationship.

Here is an illustration of what a CRM is and what it can do for an organization:

How a CRM Can Benefit Your Business: Exclusive Interview with ConvergeHub CEO Manash Chaudhur | Excel Capital Management
ECM: What are the benefits of using a CRM system and what kinds of industries typically use them? Can business owners of all industry-types benefit from using the software?

MC: The primary benefit of implementing CRM system in an organization is that the software can help to provide a clear 360-degree view of your prospects and customers. Using a CRM platform, you can view everything in one place- a customizable, simple dashboard that can tell you customer’s previous history with your organization, the past and present statuses of their orders, any outstanding customer issues, and more. A CRM can also help you to include information from your prospect and customer’s public social media activities- their preferences and dislikes, what they are socially sharing or saying about your brand or your competitors. Marketing personals can use a CRM system to better understand their sales pipeline activities, which makes forecasting more accurate and simple. Using a CRM, you can find a clear visibility of every leads or opportunity, highlighting a clear path from inquiry to sales. Though CRM system has traditionally been only used as a sales and management tools, customer service is also seeing great benefits in using this software, which once embedded in your business DNA can even help HR and supply-chain-management in your company. Yes, all type of companies can benefit from using CRM, such as in market verticals namely – banking, consultants, customer support, law firms, finance, merchant funding, real estate, investment banking, healthcare, e-commerce, retail, insurance, professional services, and others.

ECM: When it comes to sales and marketing, why would you suggest business owners use a CRM rather than do everything manually or staying in communication via old-fashioned email?

MC: An active sales and marketing team can generate a deluge of data. Hence, more administration works mean less time for everything else in your company. Moreover, your reps can be out of the office talking to customers or for finding out valuable business information- but too often all these information gets stored in laptops, handwritten notes, or remains inside the heads of your sales and marketing teams. However this traditional way of retaining customer and business information can make details get lost, meeting not followed-up on time and prioritizing customers can be a matter of intricate speculations, rather than a conscientious exercise based on facts. Moreover, modern day customers may contact you over a broad range of platforms including emails, phones, or social media- asking questions about an issue or for following up on orders. Even, if you have successfully collected all these data, you may often face the challenge of making sense and extracting intelligence from this disparate information on diverse platforms. Reports can be hard to create and they can waste your sales and marketing team’s valuable selling time. Managers in your sales and marketing team can also lose sight of what their teams are up to, which means that they cannot offer the right support at the right time. Hence, without a common platform for customer interaction like CRM software, customer information, details of their interactions and communications can get lost in the flood of information, leading to slow and unsatisfactory response, which is why CRM software in need for replacing the traditional method of doing everything manually or staying in communication via old-fashioned emails. To put it briefly, a good CRM system gathers information from a huge variety of sources. It gives you unprecedented insights to spot problems, improve what you offer and identify gaps in your marketing and sales processes, which cannot be performed by following legacy methods or in this world of social media just by staying in touch with your customers over email.

ECM: To get back to marketing, email marketing campaigns are a huge deal these days. Why might a business owner use a CRM, such as ConvergeHub, rather than a software such as MailChimp, which is typically used for this sort of thing?

CH: If just sending email-blasts are your key concern, then email automation software like MailChimp can serve up your purpose efficiently. However, if you are looking beyond that, for a next generation software that offers a comprehensive marketing, sales and service suit then nothing can replace ConvergeHub. MailChimp like most of the other Email marketing solution relies on email tracking and web analytics, however, when you have a prospect showing interest; all these softwares will then have to export the data and then import or manual enter the data into some form of Sales management system. This is where ConvergeHub brings a lot of value. ConvergeHub not only offers a complete Email marketing solution and it also has a very nice handshaking mechanism which seamlessly move your prospect data from Marketing to Sales by just click of a button. It is a huge time saver and it can deploy your DRIPs or customer behavior based segmentation or other related automation activities without missing a single moment. Therefore, while MailChimp offers just limited marketing automation with basic functionalities, ConvergeHub is more than just a newsletter and email marketing tool. ConvergeHub is a fully functional customer engagement platform and a reliable and far more innovative MailChimp alternative, which can also integrate email automation software like MailChimp within its scalable platform.  

ECM: Tell us a little bit about your company, ConvergeHub and what makes it a leader CRM systems.

CH: ConvergeHub is a powerful all-in-one cloud CRM software that combines Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Billing in one unified platform, which enables businesses to attract more prospects, win more deals, and build stronger customer relationships. ConvergeHub is a fully featured CRM and does not call for expensive add-ons. It is perfect for small to medium sized businesses that have the same software needs as large enterprises but do not have the additional budget to spend on multiple standalone software applications and their integration.

Some of the features that make ConvergeHub so special to owners of businesses include:

  •         Sales Force Automation-SFA
  •         Marketing Automation
  •         Customer Service / Support / Case Management
  •         Document Management and Collaboration
  •         Partner Management
  •         Project Management
  •         Invoicing and Payments
  •         Reports and Dashboards
  •         Customizable Modules
  •         Social CRM
  •         Use of minimum mouse clicks

Finally, ConvergeHub CRM for SMB is also a price performance leader, which lets you create unlimited lead, contact, account, templates, automation, and you can ask for help anytime from our support team without worrying about additional cost.