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Hard Money Business Loans and How One Can Benefit Your Business

Hard Money Business Loans and How They Can Benefit Your Business | Excel Capital Management

If you’re a small business owner, you most certainly are aware of the many reasons why you, or any other entrepreneur for that matter, might need a small business loan. The reasons could range from office renovation, purchasing new inventory, up-dating computers or other equipment, or paying unforeseen taxes and other obligations. Or, maybe business has been so good for you that you found yourself shorthanded and need to hire more people, but don’t have the cash on hand to cover the cost of adding personnel.

For small businesses, just as in any other business, cash is king. Having sufficient operating capital can mean the difference between growing your business and simply standing still. In some cases, it could even be the difference between great success and utter failure. Many small business owners, in the early stages of operation, may not have thought that they could get a loan to keep them going until they prospered. Seasoned business owners could have mistakenly assumed that the only place they could go for a business loan was the banks, and they wouldn’t be successful. Even thriving businesses are recognizing that they could benefit from an influx of cash, and these types of loans could be the answer to their problems. Not to worry! There are options. Consider a Hard Money Business Loan.

What is A Hard Money Business Loan?

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Hard Money Business Loans are a viable alternative to bank loans for providing necessary capital to companies that may be under-capitalized, growing rapidly, in the middle of a turnaround, or highly leveraged. In many cases, a small business might just require a cash infusion for preventing their growth from coming to a standstill or for getting over a financial hurdle. Using your business’ assets could be the key to obtaining the working capital needed for inventory, equipment repairs and purchases, or anything else your business may need. In short, you would be borrowing against your future business income, therefore, gaining access to that revenue sooner rather than later.







What Can a Hard Money Business Loan Be Used For?

The beautiful thing about a Hard Money Business Loan is that the working capital acquired through it can be used for literally anything as long as it pertains to your business. Many small business owners opt to use their loans for:

  • Business Expenses and Bills
  • Cover The Costs Customers Who Fail to Pay On Time
  • Seasonal Slow-Downs
  • To Fix Cash Flow Problems
  • New Hires and Employee Training
  • Inventory and Equipment Purchases
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Product Manufacturing
  • Office Space
  • Research and Development
  • Unforeseen Circumstances (ie: natural disasters, employee resignations, equipment failure)


What Types of Assets Can Be Put Up as Collateral?

auto | excel capital managementHard Money Business Loans, as mentioned, are given to businesses that have shown steady and stable operating history. The business must also possess assets that can be financed and have not been put up as collateral to another lending institution. In addition, the company must not have any serious legal or tax issues which could impact the loan. Here are a few other pieces of information to be aware of:

– Accounts Receivable are the main type of collateral used to obtain an Hard Money Business Loan. Other forms of collateral such as equipment, real estate, inventory, and more can be used depending on the alternative lender’s restrictions and requirements.

– The Hard Money Business Loan amount you are approved for is determined by the value of your collateral/assets. Businesses can generally borrow 75% – 85% of the value of their accounts receivable. If the collateral a business puts up is equipment or inventory, they can generally borrow 50% of the value.

– Most businesses are approved for an Hard Money Business Loan in the amount of $500,000, and this number can exceed well into millions of dollars. Alternative lenders offer far lower interest rates than traditional banks, however, these numbers vary depending on the lender.


Applying for a Hard Money Business Loan

You may hear the phrase, “do the due diligence” a lot when researching business loans. In simpler terms, this means doing the necessary research before applying and accepting an offer with a lender. There are thousands of lenders and brokers out there – who can off your a great Hard Money Business Loan. Don’t take everything at face value. Learn as much as you can about each lender you are interested in, compare pricing, read reviews, ask questions, and follow your gut if something just doesn’t seem right. You have the right to protect yourself and your business. The last thing you want to do is put your business in more of a financial bind or have setbacks. Research and knowledge is key. Do your due diligence, and you will be ready to move onto the next step.

Generally, regardless of the industry type, as long as your business has decent financial statements, collateral, customers that pay on time, and reporting systems, obtaining a Hard Money Business Loan shouldn’t be too difficult. An added benefit is that this type of funding solution comes with regular fixed payments and lower interest rates compared to a traditional bank loan. This means less worries and more time to focus on your business and its success!  

Typically, most lenders that offer Hard Money Business Loans only require minimal paperwork in order to present your business with an initial approval. As mentioned, your business’ bank account can even be funded in as little as three business days! Here is a list of items to have ready when applying.

  • Completed application provided by your chosen lender
  • Four months of recent business bank statements
  • Four months of recent credit card processing statements (if your business accepts credit cards)
  • Clear copies of identification for all business owners
  • Voided check for the business bank account that is to be funded

Keep in mind, that because this type of loan is asset-based, additional documentation will be required, however, it is still much less than traditional bank requirements.Many Hard Money Business Loans have $750,000 to $1,000,000 in collateral requirements.

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