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Hiring: Interview Questions You Should Be Asking and Why
November 8, 2016 If you have a small business, chances are that you play multiple roles. From the DIY repair person and groundskeeper to promoter and human resources department. As the person in charge of hiring, it’s your responsibility to find people who will help grow and expand your company. The best interview questions are those that allow you to narrow down your candidate pool, uncover any red flags, and ultimately see [...]
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Style Guide: Find The Management Style That Fits You
July 28, 2016 What’s your management style?” is a question that tends to leave people stumped. As a business owner, the way you approach leadership can have a huge impact on your business. It affects productivity, team morale, and the overall culture of your company. Although the names may vary, here are a some key management styles.DemocraticRelies heavily on communication between manager and employees. Ideas are discussed openly and decisions are [...]
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4 Helpful Tips To Increase Employee Productivity
June 22, 2016 Every successful business owner understands that their company is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Improving and sustaining employee productivity is a must when it comes to running a successful operation. Here are a few helpful tips for increasing employee productivity and establishing healthy, working relationships with them.Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.Communication, as you know, is probably the most important aspect of being a boss and operating a [...]
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