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Split Funding: What are the Benefits for Your Business?
June 6, 2017 No matter what the industry type, almost all small business run into a point over time where they need additional working capital. Whether you need the working capital to cover basic business expenses during a slow season, a little extra cash to take care of payroll, money to purchase bulk inventory, or anything else pertaining to the business - access to funding is crucial for any business owner. Today, let’s [...]
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Merchant Cash Advance
March 22, 2017 Is your business in a bind looking to fix cash flow issues? Did an unforeseen disaster occur putting your company out of operation for a bit of time? Maybe, your business is actually doing an amazing job and times are better than ever! No matter what the circumstances are, additional working capital could be used to either fix existing issues to put you back on track or to expand and [...]
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