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Business Loan Criteria: What Alternative Lenders Look For
June 27, 2017 When it comes to applying for a business loan through a traditional lending channel, the process can be quite tedious, lengthy, and discouraging. Often times, business owners of all industry types are met with declines after going through the rigorous application process thanks to the strict criteria traditional lenders require them to adhere to. Just take a look at our recent blog, “3 Reasons Why Business Loan Applications Get Declined [...]
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Fast Business Lending Options
June 15, 2017 Business Lending: Faster is Better   Gaining access to business lending you need to operate your business shouldn't be complicated or completely out of reach. Unfortunately, many small business owners quickly find out that the funding application process can become a long, time-consuming ordeal.   As a result of the Great Recession of the mid-aughts, banks and other traditional financial institutions tightened up their purse strings while and expanding their [...]
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