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Small Business Loans in Florida with Bad Credit – Solutions available for your business!

Florida the sunshine state also known as a small-business hub in the United States. According to SBA, there are 2,180,566 small businesses in Florida alone. With a sizeable amount of employers with under 100 employees.  See the diagram below for a breakdown of the Florida Employment by the size of the firm. With the average credit score of 669 In the entire state, it seems like a big percentage of small business loans in Florida are not happening due to bad credit. Let’s also not neglect the fact that most Major Banks require a profitable P&L statement along with some assets.

Small Business Loans Florida  | Excel Capital

We understand that small business owners need working capital to thrive and expand the businesses and that the uses of working capital are almost infinite when running and operating a small business but Non -the-less working capital is required at some point in time throughout a business’s life. When applying for a small business loan in Florida if credit is under 700 most large financial institutions will disqualify you for a traditional type of funding such as a term loan or standard line of credit. According to Smallbusiness.chron.com a credit score of 700 gives a decent shot of getting a loan and a score of 800 gives you really good odds. When the whole state of Florida is averaging below that 700 mark many business owners find themselves searching google small business loans Florida with bad credit.  According to the New York FED Cash flow is the most common challenge for small businesses in the US not just Florida. See the listing below for the most common challenges for small and Medium-Sized businesses in the US According to the Small business credit survey

Small Business Loans Florida with Bad Credit

So many business owners in Florida wonder what options are available for merchants with what banks like to call sub-prime credit. We have put together a few of the most convenient funding options available to you Floridians when cash flow gets tight and working capital is needed. Small Business Loans Florida with Bad Credit should not be a challenge for your business needs. Let’s review the options available if you have less than perfect credit.

After all Florida is the sunshine state with one of the fastest growing economies. We want to help all business owners grow.

A small business line of credit in Florida

Excel now offers a true unsecured business line of credit in Florida with very loose requirements.

How does this line of credit program work in Florida?

What’s needed to Qualify?


Unsecured Business Loans in Florida

How do Unsecured Business loans program work in Florida?

What’s needed to Qualify for a small business loan in Florida?


Merchant Cash Advance or Split Funding in Florida

How do Split Funding or Merchant Cash Advance programs work in Florida?

What’s needed to Qualify?

These are our top 3 options for merchants looking for small business loans in Florida with bad credit. Although these are not the only options we have available these are the most common solutions we offer at excel to help business owners who need capital for cash flow as soon as possible. Small Business Loans in Florida with Bad Credit made Fast Simple and Secure!

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