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If you’re a small business owner, you most certainly are aware of the many reasons why you, or any other entrepreneur for that matter, might need a small business loan. The reasons could range from office renovation, purchasing new inventory, up-dating computers or other equipment, or paying unforeseen taxes and other obligations. Or, maybe business has been so good for you that you found yourself shorthanded and need to hire more people, but don’t have the cash on hand to cover the cost of adding personnel.

In small businesses, just as in any other business, cash is king. Having sufficient operating capital can mean the difference between growing your business and simply standing still. In some cases, it could even be the difference between great success and utter failure. The fact is that there currently exist in the U.S. more than 28,000,000 small businesses. The majority of them are owner-run. The more they grow and thrive, the better the overall status of small businesses nationwide becomes. Sadly, 70 percent of start-up businesses only last about two years. In addition, only half of start-ups make it through the first five years, and a mere 25 percent are still in business after 15 years or more.

Some of those small business owners may not have thought that they could get a loan to keep them going until they prospered. They could have mistakenly assumed that the only place they could go for a business loan was the banks, and they wouldn’t be successful. In some cases, they may have even gone to their bank and been rejected.

These days, however, small business loans have evolved. This means that the future of this type of loan could be forever changed by the existence of asset-based lending. The assets of a business, such as accounts receivable, inventory or additional balance-sheet assets are used to secure an asset-based loan. And, interest rates on asset based loans are generally lower than those charged for an unsecured line of credit or loan.

Asset-based loans are a viable alternative to bank loans for providing necessary capital to companies that may be under-capitalized, growing rapidly, in the middle of a turnaround, or highly leveraged. In many cases, a small business might just require a cash infusion for preventing their growth from coming to a standstill or for getting over a financial hurdle.

More than ever before, small business owners are finding it necessary to look for new ways of helping their businesses to grow. Even thriving businesses that are seeing success daily could benefit from an influx of cash. Asset-based loans can also be used for acquisitions as well.

So, what does that mean for you, the small business owner? It means that the time is right for implementing the best financing option available today for your business. Using your business assets can be the key to the cash flow that your business needs for inventory, equipment, or any other business need that you may have encountered. Basically, you would be borrowing against your future business income and thereby gaining access to that revenue sooner rather than later.

As long as your business has decent reporting systems and financial statements, inventory that is regularly sold, and customers that pay, it should be fairly easy for you to get an asset-based loan. And, this type of loan is far superior to a bank loan, not only due to the lower interest rates, but also because they’re generally much faster. Another benefit is the fact that you will have regular fixed payments and fewer worries.

Now, all that may seem like good news to you, but here’s better news. We provide asset-based loans to small businesses at reasonable rates that you can count on. That means that you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Times are changing in the world of finance, just as the market trends are. A powerful boost in the way businesses of all kinds are being funded these days is excellent for small businesses nationwide, and the economy as a whole, as those businesses flourish. And, your business could flourish along with them with an asset-based loan to help it grow.