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Business Line of Credit

Ben R.

I think its a great program for line of credit. Approval process could not be easier. Would recommend to a friend.

Daniel G.

Finally a product that at least resembles a traditional line of credit, but without the hassle.


The response was very quick and easy.

Society Telluride Inc

Xcel was very easy to work with. Fast and efficient.

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Unsecured Business Loan

RAE Lifts

Very easy to work with. Always there when we need them. Highly recommend them

Maxkar Corporation

Easy and simple process, Nathan did an excellent job.

Moran Market Place

Honest, fast, helpful !

TTR Manufacturing

I was glad Nathan reach out to me again ...The deal he did want vary smooth and easy .. Thanks again

Paula M.

After research many offers I landed on using Excel Capital Management as they were upfront on all costs and sensitive to my business needs.

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