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What Is IRS Form 4506-T?

IRS Form 4506-T is an official IRS form used to request a tax return transcript.

Typically, Form 4506-T is used when you need to provide your tax return information for the purposes of:

  • An IRS audit
  • Applying for a mortgage loan
  • Getting approved for a business loan
  • Or verifying information from the previous year when filing your next tax return

So, how do you get a copy? Here’s how: 

How to Obtain Your Tax Transcript from the IRS

Fortunately, obtaining your tax transcript and related tax information is easier than ever.

While you can fill out Form 4506-T and wait for a response from the IRS, it’s no longer the fastest or easiest way.

Instead, you can create an IRS.gov tax account and log in within minutes.

Starting from IRS.gov, hover over the drop down menu under “File” and click “Get Your Tax Record”: 

Next, in true IRS fashion, instead of sending you straight to the portal where you can get your tax information, it sends you to another page.

Click on “Online Account”:

And another, click on “Sign in to your Online Account”: 

Lastly, click “ID.me – Create an account”:

You’ll have to submit official identification information, but by doing so you can get fast and convenient access to your official federal tax information.

This method is the fastest and most reliable, as it’s both quick as well as direct from the source. No other tool or service needs to be used to obtain your official tax information. 

To get all relevant tax transcript records, via the portal you’ll want to request a “Record of Account” for the most comprehensive individual tax records. 

Alternatively, you can send Form 4506-T to your local state IRS office or request a transcript by calling: 1-800-908-9946.

How to Fill Out IRS Form 4506-T (Step-By-Step Instructions)

Now, let’s go over how to fill out IRS Form 4506-T.

While it is a bit old-school to request your tax transcript through filling out a traditional Form 4506-T and sending it to the IRS, in some cases it may be your only option.

So, start by downloading the form via the IRS’s official Form 4506-T PDF link here then follow the below steps to fill it out: 

Step 1: Line 1b: Enter your EIN / SSN / TIN

On line 1b, enter your EIN if you’re requesting access to a business return:

If it’s a personal tax return, enter either your SSN or TIN, whichever is applicable to you. 

Step 2 (Line 3): Enter your address

One line 3, enter your complete current address, the address where you’d like to receive the copy of your transcript:

On line 4, enter your old address (the one you used to file your last return) if you’ve changed your address since your last filing.

Step 3: Sign and date

Lastly, make sure to sign and date Form 4506-T (same name as listed on line 1a):

Keep in mind that the date the IRS receives the form must be within 120 days of the date you write on the form when signing, otherwise they will reject it.

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Tax Transcript from the IRS?

According to official IRS documentation, the IRS takes 75 days to respond by mail with tax transcript documents.

However, fortunately the IRS now offers a way of obtaining your tax transcript and other information online. See the section above, “How to Obtain Your Tax Transcript from the IRS” to find out how.

Why Is My Lender Requesting Form 4506-T?

If you’re applying for a loan, in some cases, the lender may request Form 4506-T to obtain your tax information. 

The purpose for this is to verify income, typically as a secondary income verification source.

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