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How a Merchant Cash Advance Helped This Clothing Store Owner Purchase Inventory!

Long Island, NY children’s clothing store owner, Angela DiMarco has been in business for over 15 years. Her variety of quality children’s clothing and uniform attire has become a staple in her hometown over the years. Like many clothing stores, Mrs. DiMarco’s is one of seasonality, seeing an increase in sales during the late winter and Spring months.

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How a Merchant Loan Helped a Motel Franchise Owner Expand His Business!

Ajith Patel Singh, a motel franchise owner from Buffalo, NY noticed the lack of vacancies in his town during the busy holiday season. Wanting to capitalize on the need for motel accommodations, he developed an idea for expansion. When presented with the opportunity to add 10 more rooms to his motel, Mr. Singh did not want to hesitate.

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How An ACH Advance Gave A Trucking Company The Capital Needed To Cover Cash Flow Issues!

George Ibanez, a 1st generation American, started his trucking company in 1973 with one truck. Fast forward to 2015, and George had a fleet of twenty-three delivering goods all around the United States. Having to maintain a fleet that large sometimes causes cash flow issues. To make matters worse, when the economy took a hit, most of George’s vendors were late on paying him. The amount of time it took George to get the money he was owed had him paying his employees and bills late. That all changed when George found out about ACH Advances which looked at his cash flow, not his collateral and were paid back weekly. This allowed George to get 125% of monthly revenue deposited into his account in one lump sum. It was great!

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How An ACH Advance Gave A Small Business Owner The Funds To Buy Inventory For Her Flower Shop (after only being open for 6 months)!

Jenny Nguyen, a small flower shop owner from Worcester, MA had been in business for only six months when she came across the opportunity to buy a large amount of inventory for Valentine’s Day. By only being in a startup stage, she was offered a chance to buy roses for cents on the dollar from her vendor. Having only been in business for six months and starting the business with some money she had saved when she was working as a waitress, she was left in a tough predicament. She could either continue buying inventory on a case by case basis or buy in bulk and sell for higher markup. Choosing the latter, she needed funding fast.

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How Cuts In Funding Costs Got A Salon & Spa Owner Out Of A Rut!

Recently, Excel was able to provide peace of mind to a well-established hair salon and spa owner based in Arizona by cutting his funding costs. Mario Ruiz, a salon and owner, was in a bind. He needed additional funds to purchase inventory fast, but he already had 7 positions (yes, 7 existing Merchant Loans) and a combined total $2000 in daily payments. Matters were made worse when Mario’s cash flow was interrupted due to a decline in sales, putting him in the position to not be able to make payments towards his existing loans.

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