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Business Loans With No Personal Collateral

Countless small business owners find themselves in need of quick capital to expand or improve their operations. The problem is traditional lenders do not design their loan programs with fast approval in mind. Small businesses who apply for financing through banks face a mountain of paperwork and extensive guidelines before receiving funds.

Companies hit the hardest are those who struggle with less than perfect business credit and little collateral to secure funding. Numerous small businesses face this dilemma every day and some companies just throw in the towel. However, businesses that persevere find creative ways to secure capital and keep their company moving forward.

Alternative Financing Solutions

If you are in need of capital for your business but face the challenge of less than perfect business credit and little collateral, there is help. Consider using alternative financing solutions. Gain access to real working capital quickly and easily, and begin putting the money to work for you and your business. Enjoy all the benefits of traditional financing without the added restrictions. If you face any of the following challenges with your business, you should consider a merchant cash advance.

  • Less than perfect credit, no credit or slow credit that prevents you from qualifying for traditional financing.
  • Limited working capital or cash reserves that keep you from expanding your business.
  • Little to no collateral required by most banks to secure any financing.

Economic conditions in the U.S. today are shaky at best. Banks are hesitant to loan businesses money without some guarantee of repayment, starting with collateral. However, it is challenging to guarantee anything in today’s business climate, especially if you do not have access to real working capital.

Alternative Financing Benefits

If this is your first time considering a small business funding solution, you need insight on the types of benefits you will receive and what it takes to qualify. Here is a list of what you can expect when you apply for financing:

  • There is no minimum credit score to qualify. Therefore, if you are faced with bad business credit you still qualify for financing.
  • Merchant cash advances do not require personal collateral to secure financing. You do not have to face the prospect of losing precious assets as you would with traditional financing.
  • A small percentage of your company’s daily sales determine your remittance. Therefore, if sales are down you do not face the burden of a fixed remittance during lean times.
  • Unlike traditional financing, merchant cash advances do not require any application fees or up-front fees.
  • Most importantly, you are free to use the money any way you choose. There are no restrictions on how you use the capital to expand your business.

As you can see, alternative financing awards you with a great deal of flexibility, allowing you to put that working capital directly into your business. 

Alternative Financing Requirements

As with any type of funding, there are a few requirements you must meet before you qualify. First, start-ups do not qualify. Secondly, you must document at least $15,000 or more in monthly gross sales, and show the company has been operational for two to three months.

Apply today and discover the possibilities with alternative small business funding solutions. Eliminate the hassle and guesswork connected to traditional financing. Do not let less than perfect credit and little collateral keep you from growing the business of your dreams. Learn how to secure the money you need for your business by applying today.


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