How to Increase Your Fall Sales at Farmers Markets
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How to Increase Your Fall Sales at Farmers Markets

As we slip into Fall, the colder and shorter days mark the end of farmer’s markets season. Many agriculturalists may see a boost in business during this time due to a larger harvest. Here are some tips to make the most of your farmers market experience:

Streamline and Organize Your Booth

Remember that a table that is fully stocked is more appealing. Be sure to refill your product regularly and switch to smaller or shallower containers towards the end of the day when your supplies run low. Even though you want a full and eye-catching display, be mindful of clutter. Leave space open next to the cash register so that customers can put down their bags while making a payment.  Make sure that your products and prices are clearly labeled, and draw your customers’ eyes by keeping your top products are between eye and waist-level.

Be Accommodating

It’s no secret that everyone loves free stuff. In addition to offering samples of your product you may also want to consider having trinkets for children. Not only does it help keep them occupied while their parents look around, you can also have them personalized so their parents can have a lasting reminder of your product. If there is enough space, you should also offer extra seating. Having a place for people to rest or gather is a great way to draw in a crowd.

Focus on Customer Service

Sure, everyone has off days. No matter how tired or busy you get, always treat your customers courteously. If a person has a bad experience at your booth, it won’t matter if your product was amazing. That bad experience is all they will remember and instead of what your product was like, that will be the information passed around to other potential customers.

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