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Alternate Funding for Bad Credit Business Owners

Small to medium-sized business owners with a bad credit history can find it overly difficult to find funding for business with bad credit or secure a business loan to help boost the cash flow of their business. Going to the bank can be just as harrowing as most financial institutions ask for hefty collateral as security for a business loan, which may be your house, car, property, etc. So, as you can see it is putting an asset you own at risk for money that you will have in the future. But you can’t blame the bank for seeking a guarantee for their investment.

Secondly, because of the bad credit history, you may run the risk of securing a bank loan which has a significantly higher rate of interest as compared to normal loans, and it may also take around 30 days to be approved. Time is a luxury you cannot afford to waste when operating a small business under financial distress. So, can you do? Have a look below and find out for yourself.

Fortunately for you, there are alternate lending mechanisms available in the market you can use to your advantage:

How Can Excel Capital Management Help You with funding for business with bad credit?

By the time you get a little bit of capital to run your business, it may be too late and you might have to shut down your business. And that is exactly what we don’t want you to do. What we want to do is give you a fighting chance to prosper, which has led us to devise smart and simple loaning mechanisms for struggling businesses.

Business loans, like merchant cash advances, unsecured business loans, asset-based loans and receivables factoring, all these options are designed to help you move forward in the future against all odds. You don’t have to do anything. We do all the work and it is a privilege for us to work on your behalf to find out which loans suit your business.

Merchant cash advance loans are among the most common types of financing that we provide to our clients. Merchant cash advance loans require absolutely no collateral. Irrespective of your bad credit report and mounting loans, you can still apply for a loan and get money to liquidate your business. Take a look at some of our requirements:

What You Have

  • Bad credit, risk of foreclosure, rejection from other financial institutions
  • A business that you have been running for the past couple of months (No startups)
  • Monthly revenue of no less than $8,000
  • Filled out application form
  • Last 4 months business bank statements
  • Financing that takes a long time to be approved leaving you stranded in the woods, helpless
  • Heavy demands for collateral
  • Restriction on the amount that is transferred into your account
  • Mounting paperwork

What We Need

What You Don’t Need

We are a professional alternative lending institution which has only one goal: to help you so that you can help yourself. So, come to us and we can help you secure funding even if you have bad credit. You simply need to log on to our website and apply now. We will get back to you in no time! 

We specialize in funding for business with bad credit. Do not let your bank hold your business back. We believe in the strength of cash flow. In fact we understand many business owners had to sacrifice a lot to get where they are today. 

This sacrifice can have an impact on a credit score and make it very difficult to find funding for business with bad credit

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