How to Deal with Bad Business Reviews
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How to Deal with Bad Business Reviews

As a business owner, we’re sure you never wake up wanting to do a bad job. Everyone has bad days, but your employees don’t roll out of bad wanting to provide bad customer service. Everyone wants to see your business grow, prosper, and remain competitive in your respective industry. Receiving the news that your customers have been provided with less than satisfactory service or simply just had a bad experience at your business is never fun. Your initial response will probably be disappointment, then anger, then defensiveness, and finally, acceptance and the want to rectify the situation. The best thing to do is respond and reassure customers that they will receive better service next time. Here’s how.

Identify The Problem

The first thing to do is to try to thoroughly read and understand the customer’s complaint or reason for leaving a negative review.

Try to Remember the Day

Try to remember the day the customer came to your business if you can. Were you short on staff? Were you, the business owner, around at all? Do you remember the customer specifically? Is the customer exaggerating a bit? What could have been done differently? These are all important things to ask to understand if the negative complaint holds exactly true and what you and your staff can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Respond and Resolve

Whether you completely agree with the bad review or not, customers want to know that they are appreciated and being heard. It is best practice to respond to all customer reviews if you can – especially those that are negative. If you, the business owner, do not have time, appoint your social media coordinator or specific staff member to respond on your behalf. Make sure you express your disappointment and concern, apologize, let customers know that you would like to see them again, and if you can, have the customer contact your directly to sort out a resolution. Resolutions can come in the form of a future discount, money back, or most times, the customer just wants to speak to someone. Providing a listening ear can go a long way. At this point, you can even work with the customer to have the negative review removed or responded to will a follow-up.

Unfortunately, you can’t win them all. Negative reviews of some sort are inevitable because you can’t always please everyone, but by acknowledging to your customers’ concerns and responding appropriately, will show them that you care. It’s all a part of providing great customer service and will ensure continued business from your customers for many years to come!

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