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How a Merchant Cash Advance Got This Beer Garden and Grill Owner Out of a Bind!

Gearing up the busy St. Patrick’s Day holiday, Colorado beer garden and grill owner, Cathal O’Shea was faced with the tasks of marketing one of the busiest days of his fiscal year, along with purchasing a larger than usual amount of inventory. This situation coupled with being behind on bills and rent forced  Mr. O’Shea into a serious bind that could potentially affect his bottom line for the full year. Wanting to catch up on his debt and also attain working capital to purchase the inventory he needed, Mr. O’Shea decided to look into Merchant Cash Advance companies. After doing rigorous research and reading reviews, Mr. O’Shea decided to work with Excel Capital Management. First thing on a Monday morning, he got in touch with one of Excel’s funding specialists and quickly provided them with a simple one-page application, four months of his recent bank statements, and four months of his recent credit card statements. The very next day, Mr. O’Shea’s business was approved for a $48,000 Merchant Cash Advance and had the funds in his account by Wednesday. Mr. O’Shea now had the capital he needed to pay his past due rent of $8,000, pay his bills totaling $12,000, and net the remaining $28,000 for the St. Patrick’s Day inventory and marketing expenses.

“Within a matter of days, Excel Capital Management was able to provide me with the capital I needed to consolidate my debts and have money leftover to pay for marketing and purchase inventory for my business. I would recommend Excel to any business owner!”

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*All Case Studies are based on real businesses Excel Capital Management has funded. The names of our clients and their businesses have been changed to protect their privacy.*