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How an Equipment Financing Solution Helped This Dairy Farmer Update His Milk Processing Tools!

Tom Jackson, a dairy farmer based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania was in need of a solution for his equipment financing needs. Getting ready to go into his busy season, Tom needed to quickly update his milk processing equipment. Unfortunately, due to the farm’s seasonality, the bulk capital needed to pay for this equipment, and the timing of when the equipment needed the update, he couldn’t afford to to pay. He needed to find a funding solution fast!

Tom, a simple, easy-going guy, had thought about going through the typical lending channels to obtain financing via a traditional bank, however, the lengthy application process and documentation they required was just too much. As one of only three people handling the dairy farm, as well as the back-end business operations, he had no time to waste! After doing some research on the internet, Tom came across Excel Capital Management, and decided an alternative financing solution was the answer for him. After supplying one of Excel’s funding specialists with six months of recent bank statements, his P&L and Balance Sheets, and running his credit (which proved to be excellent), Tom was approved for an Equipment Financing deal in the amount of $15,500 with a low, fixed interest rate in only 24 hours! He was then funded in a matter of 48 hours after providing a few additional pieces of documentation. With these new funds, Tom was able to update and lease new pasteurizers, milking pails, butter churns, cream separators, thermometers, vacuums, and more! He was now back on track and ready for the busy dairy season!

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*All Case Studies are based on real businesses Excel Capital Management has funded. The names of our clients and their businesses have been changed to protect their privacy.*