How Your Business Can Reach a Larger Audience with Text Message Marketing
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How Your Business Can Reach a Larger Audience with Text Message Marketing

These days, most people have their smartphone practically glued to their hands. Whether browsing the web, taking photos, engaging in all forms of social media, talking, or texting, smartphones are usually not too far from our reach. In fact, most people rarely use their phones to talk anymore. Majority of communication between people is done via text message, and age is rarely a factor. People of all ages use this form of communication. Small business owners should be aware of this and take advantage of the latest business advertising technique, text message marketing.

The text message has been around for years, but just recently has text message  marketing gained popularity, and for many reasons. Here are the most common. The first is that people are more likely to read and respond in some way to a text message than to answer a cold call. A text message allows recipients to thoroughly read the information on your company, and in a way “screen” it. Business owners are more likely to reach potential customers this way than on a cold call, which more often than not, may seem like a basic telemarketing call or debt collection and will receive an instant-hang up or no answer at all. Secondly and similarly, because the average person is constantly on-the-go, text messages are more convenient than answering calls, checking voice-mails, or reading ads. Lastly, potential customers are likely to be more receptive to a text message rather than other forms of marketing. Text messages can be checked at will, on the recipient’s own schedule and there is a sense of urgency when a text is received to a phone (unlike a cold, unsolicited email or phone call). Think about it, when you receive a text message, you are very likely to check it right away as it could be from a friend or family member – there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of this as a business owner.

Text message marketing must be done with permission, however. Be sure to have customers opt-in or provide written consent before sending out any messages and make sure they are aware of any charges that may incur. Also, you must make sure there is a way for customers to unsubscribe from your list if they want to stop receiving messages. Failing to do these things can cause your business a lot of legal trouble. For more information on this, refer to the federal CAN-SPAM laws. Once you do obtain permission to send out text message marketing campaigns, the possibilities are endless. Your business can send out friendly reminders, discounts and coupons, information on upcoming events and sales, surveys, contest and giveaways, and much more! Take your business marketing efforts to the next level and reach your entire audience! There are a few popular platforms to help get you started, such as, EZ Texting, TXT180, SlickText, and there are many more popping up each day. Happy texting!

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