Advice for Seasonal Business Owners
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Advice for Seasonal Business Owners

Running a Seasonal business can be tricky at times. Many businesses thrive at specific times of the year. The products and services they sell are more popular at certain holidays or seasons.  You know. The two-person run shaved-ice shop that sees business booming during the months of May through August. The costume store that specializes is scary Halloween costumes for teens and adults. The Jersey Shore surf shop that sees flocks of tourists during the summer months trying to catch some waves. The family-owned outdoor ice rink – home to amateur hockey players and a fun, winter outing for people of all ages. Running a seasonal business isn’t a bad thing, but when your business thrives during key points of the year, it is important that you follow a few practices to ensure that the cash keeps flowing during the off-peak times.


Is Memorial Day around the corner with your pool getting ready to open? Is New Year’s Eve on its way with your party supply store seeing anxious customers looking for decorations weeks in advance? Is August approaching with customers needing their air conditioning units installed or repaired by your company? You need to take advantage of this exciting time and continue to build on it! Send out an e-blast to your emailing list with a special coupon or opening sale.  Invest in a roadside billboard if you have the advertising budget. You’re excited to open your doors, and your customers should be just as excited to bust them down! You know the saying, “Out of sight. Out of mind.” Get amped up all year-round and stay in their sights!


Just because your special season is over doesn’t mean your cash flow should die down! Some customers love to buy goods during off-peak times due to the easy access (demand is low making certain products and services easier to come by). Use this to your advantage. Lower your prices or re-define your target market.  Maybe tourists come to your store in bus loads during the winter months. In the spring, try marketing to local residents in your town with a residential discount (ex: Florida residents and Disney World). Maybe your ice cream parlor doesn’t generate as much revenue when it’s cold outside, but someone always has a sweet tooth. Offer them a cone for a fraction of the price, or a special seasonal flavor. Get creative!


Unless they’ve been living under a rock, all business owners are well aware that we are in a digital age, and digital and social media marketing is a must! Your business already has Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts (if it doesn’t, get on it ASAP!) , and you should constantly be putting out content. Whether you hold a Twitter contest, engage fellow businesses and partnerships via LinkedIn, or post a news blog on Facebook discussing what you’ve been up to, you should always be engaging with new and existing customers. Don’t fall off the radar!

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